Alexander Lakowsky, MD MBA 1860 El Camino Real
Suite 321
Burlingame, CA 94010
phone: (650) 552-8180
fax: (650) 552-8199

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Welcome to Dr. Lakowsky's office.

Internal Medicine Practice with focus on preventative care with great emphasis on control of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight loss.

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Parking is super fast and easy!
Make sure you access the building from the back on California Drive.
There are plenty of spaces in the parking lot and some on the street.

You can then enter the building from the back door, take elevator to 3rd floor and then turn right.
That's it. You have arrived!

...I'd be lying if I said that ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a doctor. Just like every other boy growing up in central Russia I wanted to be the next great soccer or hockey super star, not to forget the unreachable glory or becoming a world famous astronaut. Later, when my family moved to the States I continued with similar big dreams except that soccer ball gave way to catcher's mitt and hockey puck...well, still remained as such. Being a teenager in Brooklyn teaches one a few things and quickly did I realize that I was not going to become next Mattingly or Messier and much to the joy of my Jewish parents I hit the books.

Not until my second year in college in upstate New York when my grandfather was stricken with a stroke and then merely nine months later my aunt with eventually fatal ovarian cancer I began pondering the idea of how I can make a difference and if I could how would I do it. This led me to med school where I was exposed to the world of unbelievable discovery, wonder, human spirit and angst. The best part of training, however, was meeting my future wife Andra who is now the mother of our two beautiful daughters, Rachel and Dana without whom I cannot imagine my life right now.

Eventually, after four years of med school I decided to go in the field of internal medicine and I have been happy and proud with my decision ever since. Being a primary care doctor allows me the privilege of meeting an individual and his or her family and following them for years to come guiding them with health conscious decisions along the way. It is this special bond that I form with my patients that makes me so excited to come to work every morning. I built my practice on trust, mutual respect, and understanding that me and my patients are a "team" in all sense of the word as we make all decisions together in a supportive, nurturing and non-threatening environment since we all work toward one common goal -- keeping everyone healthy. And I will do everything I can to be the leader of this team for the better part of this century.....unless, of course, the Yankees finally call...

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